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Posted By admin on 07/22/12 - Bookmark Catie Minx

So you wake up after a night of debauchery to find that your buddy is gone. You wander through his house and hear a TV on in the kitchen. Once you get there you see his little sister sitting on a chair at the table wearing some very small Daisy Dukes and a tight baby doll shirt.

She tells you that your buddy got called into work for some reason and that he should be back in an hour or so. She invites you to grab a cup of coffee and to come join her for some breakfast cereal.

You figure, fuck it, maybe you will get some excellent views up her Daisy Dukes! What have you got to lose?

As you two are eating she stops to ask you if you knew she used to have a huge crush on you. Then she starts giggling uncontrollably and apolo-gizes. She knows you don’t want to hear this stupid stuff. But she goes on to say she really, super, bad had a crush on you. For like, a long time. Then she starts giggling again which means she is swaying around and you can easily see her yellow panties!

And she notices you can see  her panties. She gets a coy look on her face. She asks you if you like looking at girls panties, or, is it that you like looking at her panties? You stammer, but she knows your true intentions now. She chides that you do want to see her panties and jokingly calls you a pervert.

Now she spreads her legs and pretends to masturbate through her Daisy Dukes. You cock starts pitching a tent. She pulls her Dukes over and shows you her panty crotch and notices your growing boner.

“Oh my God”, she yells before giggling again. “You are getting turned on you pervert!”

Then she pulls her panties over and you can see her pink pussy lips. They are more beautiful then you ever could have imagined. And even if they looked 100% different, you still would think they were more beautiful then you could have ever imagined! You pervert!

Suddenly Catie Minx gets a sad look on her face. “Unfortunately I have a boyfriend now. You missed your chance, you perv. But… we could mastur-bate… then we wouldn’t technically be touching each other so it isn’t really cheating! Right?”

“Right!!!” You exclaim.

She then strips to her bare skin and you do the same. While you pump your cock she jams her fingers into her tight little snatch. As she works herself into a frenzy you find out why her nickname with the guys is Scream. Catie’s orgasm hits her and she starts screaming loud enough to make you start wondering if the neighbors are going to call the cops.

Challenge Catie Minx to some masturbation races during her free live web cam shows. You can ask for questions, tell her what to wear and do all sorts of naughty perverted things with her!

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Posted By admin on 07/22/12 - Bookmark Catie Minx


Are you currently with a prudish girl that thinks footjobs are gross? Well, she might be right! Some girls have some pretty disgusting feet, but not Catie Minx. A footjob from her is an oily soft slice of heaven!

I have dated girls like Catie in the past and they keep their feet clean. Mainly by wearing bootie socks and tennis shoes instead of sandals. One of them used to give me some sweet footjobs. Warm oil, soft feet, mind blowing birds eye views of her panty crotch. This was before she let me actually see it or stick anything in it.


Yeah, that is just about how it looked from my vantage point. Now imagine her sensual feet massaging you!



I swore I would never do the toe sucking thing until this bitch put some candy flavored oil on her feet and pulled her panties over to show me her pussy for the first time. She told me to kiss her toes or our date was over!

Like a good boy I did as I was told and this time she masturbated while giving me my footjob. Sure, I had to do some pumping towards the end on account of her starting to climax, but damn it was nice watching her toy with her clit while I spurted hot cum all over those sexy feet of hers!

Catie Minx would be more than happy to give you a footjob via her webcam. She suction cups a dildo to her desk right in front of her web cam and then starts massaging it with her oily feet. She even masturbates if you ask nicely!

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Posted By admin on 07/22/12 - Bookmark Catie Minx

Let me see if I can describe this scene for you adequately. You are dating a girl that is a total nerd. She wears the wrong clothes. She has glasses thick enough to burn ants with and enough tape to wrap a mummy. She is somewhat clumsy and she has this laugh she does that is anything but cute…

Then one summer she gets some much needed help from the hot girls at her school. They switch up her shampoo, teach her how to apply makeup, get her to switch to contacts and work hard to give her a new cute laugh. Luckily for you she is still attracted to your ass!

Her parents are away. It is the first time she can show off her new look to you in a setting other than school. She invites you over for a swim and comes out wearing a string bikini that is complete with butt-floss in the back. Your nerdy girl is now a full blown porn star slut for the evening!

Pound that shit man!

Catie Minx doesn’t like waiting!!!


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Posted By admin on 07/21/12 - Bookmark Catie Minx


If you are anything like me then you will have a hard time believing Catie Minx is a nerd. She looks too much like a surfer girl then somebody that enjoys building transistor radios in her free time!

Never the less, Catie Minx is a bonafide nerd. I met her recently at a webmaster show in Phoenix, AZ and she had absolutely no problem naming the characters from the Watchmen (her favorite is Dr. Manhattan of course!), answering my question about the square root of 81 without hesitation (9) or in knowing that baud rate stands for signals per second (or pulses per second) and should not be confused with gross bit rate per second.


The problem I am having is that… well… just look at that ass!

When was the last time you saw a nerd with an ass like that? I didn’t even know it was possible!



Of course her perky little breasts and her cute face go a long way too!

No matter what you think about her brains, her beauty is spot on and cannot be disputed. Look here for more on Catie Minx in the coming weeks!

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