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Posted By admin on 07/22/12 - Bookmark Catie Minx

Let me see if I can describe this scene for you adequately. You are dating a girl that is a total nerd. She wears the wrong clothes. She has glasses thick enough to burn ants with and enough tape to wrap a mummy. She is somewhat clumsy and she has this laugh she does that is anything but cute…

Then one summer she gets some much needed help from the hot girls at her school. They switch up her shampoo, teach her how to apply makeup, get her to switch to contacts and work hard to give her a new cute laugh. Luckily for you she is still attracted to your ass!

Her parents are away. It is the first time she can show off her new look to you in a setting other than school. She invites you over for a swim and comes out wearing a string bikini that is complete with butt-floss in the back. Your nerdy girl is now a full blown porn star slut for the evening!

Pound that shit man!

Catie Minx doesn’t like waiting!!!


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Posted By admin on 06/28/12 - Bookmark Catie Minx

So this new girl at your school isn’t exactly popular. While she looks hot (without her glasses on) or her hair in a bun, she is kind of nerdy and she hangs out with the not-so-in crowd. Good for you though! She has invited you to her pool party!

When you arrive at Catie Minx house she answers the door in a towel and you can tell that her hair is already wet. She leads you through the house to the backyard and you notice there isn’t anybody else there. She says something about more people might come later and asks if you’d like to swim while she releases her towel.

Underneath that towel is one of the hottest nerd bodies you have ever seen. This nerd babe is wearing a string bikini and her ass is all out there for anyone to see. You realize your cock is pitching a tent and quickly jump in so she won’t see it.

After a few minutes of splashing each other and some awkward silent moments she suggests a game of truth or dare. You look around for cameras or people hiding, and upon finding neither, you accept her request.

You go first and she goes with truth. You inquire about whether or not she reads comic books. She enthusiastically replies that she is a hardcore Batman fan and loves Catwoman to death. She also likes the Vertigo Line and she really likes anything from Alan Moore. Wow! She really is a nerd babe!

Your turn and you pick dare to get the show started. She dares you to remove your swim trunks. Once again you scan for onlookers and then, hoping she will also pick dare next, remove your trunks and put them on the side of the pool.

Her turn and as you had wished she goes with dare. You also go for the skinny dipping idea and she complies. You get your first glimpses at her perky little boobies capped with pink nipples made very hard by the cold pool water.

Now you go with truth thinking you need to be safe and she asks you if your penis is hard. Damn, you think, this bitch goes right for the bone! No pun intended. You answer it might be and she says it is either true or false. A binary answer is required. There is no gray area! Fucking nerd!

"Yes, I am hard…" You say under your breath.

You ask her truth or dare and she goes with dare. You dare her to walk up her pool steps counting to five on each step, turn around and do the same thing back into the water. To your utter amazement she complies. You get some sweet views of her tight ass and then some more of her Cleft of Venus. This girl shaves and she does an awfully good job at it!

Your cock is now so hard it hurts!

You go with dare and she dares you to do the same. You so OK but you aren’t counting on the way up. She OK’s your switch-a-roo on the rules and you head on up and then turn around. As you do your cock is bobbing this way and that. Enough to make her eye balls move like she is watching a pendulum swing.

Once you get back to the third step she steps in front of you and swallows your cock!

Again, you look around. Aren’t people supposed to be showing up soon? This is crazy! But it feels so fucking good. You’ve never had a blowjob before and Catie Minx is a master at it. Later you will find out that her obsession for porn is almost as developed as her obsession for comics!

Being your first blowjob you want it to last for twenty minutes of pure pleasure. Being your first blowjob you blow your load into her mouth in about three minutes. She actually gets a look like, "Hmm, I didn’t even get through a quarter of my blowjob routine?!?!" Then she spits your load into the planter.

She sits there looking at you waiting for your question about whether or not she wants truth or dare and you instead grab her by the hips and spin her around you to sit on the edge of the steps. You get on your knees and take a taste of her pink pussy.

Since this isn’t her first time getting licked down there (plenty of girls have used their tongue to clean every inch of her pussy before you) Catie Minx takes the full twenty minutes before she doubles over your head and neck and clamps her strong legs shut around your ears. You don’t mind the time, in fact, you would have stayed down their for hours if she had let you. You also don’t mind getting your head put in her vice. No pain, no gain you always say!

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