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Posted By admin on 01/14/15 - Bookmark Catie Minx

When I was a young buck I had a neighbor who’s daughters introduced me to anal sex. Both giving and receiving.

It all started when I was fooling around with the younger daughter who was my age. We were very inexperienced, but willing to learn. We kissed a lot my pecking and she would play with my boner through my pants. Eventually I ventured into her panties and played with her pussy. Soon we were curious about seeing what we were touching and not far after we wanted a taste of each other.

One day when we were out in a grassy meadow off of a trail between our houses giving each other kisses on our private parts we were startled by her sister happening upon us. We were both scared she would tell our parents, but she was cool about it and requested we show her what we were doing so she could tell us if we were doing it right.

As we licked and kissed and sucked on each other her sister gave us helpful tips to increase our pleasure. It was odd having somebody instruct us, but at the same time it was more intense having an audience.

Then without any warning I felt something wet slip into my asshole. I opened my eyes to see my play-partner’s sister sticking a wet finger into the asshole only an inch or so from my tongue. I watched it glide in as I felt a finger from her other hand gliding into my own ass. I could feel my cock growing harder in my friend’s mouth. My little friend let out a moan making me even harder than before.

Ever since then I have introduced the girls I have dated to anal sex. I always start out slow with a finger or two before graduating them to my cock. I have actually had girls come back to me for anal because their current boyfriend wasn’t giving them any. All of them have thanked me at some point for opening their minds up in a sexual way.

Catie Minx is as open minded as they cum!

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Posted By admin on 05/03/13 - Bookmark Catie Minx

At which point can you feel fairly certain that your girl is sufficiently wrapped around your pinky? Hmm… Upon reading that over again I would have to say that it is when your pinky is shoved up her tight little rectum. But that wasn’t where I was going with this. No, it is when she sends you videos of herself fucking her asshole with a glass dildo thinking about your hard cock in there. That is when you know you have her right where you want her to be.

Catie Minx is your very own geek. Most guys spent their days chasing after the prom queen or a cheerleader, but not me. I spent my time going after the real freaks. You can get a girl that wears glasses to do way more in the bed than you can get a cheerleader to do. Smart girls are more apt to try anything and everything. They love to experiment!

Get your password and start watching the experiments as they play out in Catie’s members area. You get several updates a week and the things this girl will do to impress you are… well… impressive!

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