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Posted By Admin on 04/29/19 - Bookmark Catie Minx

A lot of guys would tell you that you need to have a big dick to succeed at sex free websites like A lot of guys would tell you that if you’re looking for free sex, you need to have a nice car. A lot of guys would tell you that you have to have a lot of muscles or you have to look really good. You have to at least look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Leonardo Dicaprio or Denzel Washington.

What if I told that all of these are bullshit? In fact, they’re not just bullshit, they’re flat-out lies that are designed to hold you back and drag you down.

Now, you probably will have a tough time because your whole world will shatter because your whole intellectual construction of how to meet and fuck is in jeopardy, so you probably would get out of here kicking and screaming. You probably would not have a tough time with this realization. But regardless of what kind of drama you have to go through, you have to wrap your mind around this one central fact. None of that shit works.

Because it’s not about the things that define you externally that really matters. You can lose your car and still be a winner. You can lose all your money and still come out ahead. You can lose your house and still be worthwhile. Do you get what I am getting at?

My point is, the essence to any kind of transcendence in life, success, achievement, and overcoming is necessarily internal because if you place your confidence in things that rot, can be eaten by moths, can corrode, can be stolen, then you are building your house on sand.

Eventually, that storm will come. Eventually, situations will change. Eventually, the earthquake, whether economic, political, sexual or natural, will come. So all and everything that you built on these externalities will disappear.

Sounds depressing, right? So that should wake you up to the importance of internal confidence. Build your house on the solid rock of solid self-esteem.

Nobody can love you except yourself, so start loving yourself. Start giving yourself the value that you want for yourself because nobody can do it for you, not even your mom. So man the fuck up and stop being a baby and do things for yourself. That’s how you maximize your confidence so you can turn the next meet and fuck website you joined into your personal bitch.

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Posted By Admin on 04/19/19 - Bookmark Catie Minx

UXDOLL collected many different types of white skin Small Ass flat chest sex dolls, they are all made by high quality of tpe silicone medical material and metal skeleton, with the most realistic details and hyper-real soft touch feel, not harmful to humans body, no peculiar smell, it is 100% safe non-toxic. With CE Certification, it is very easy to maintain and clean. With amazing flexible joints, it offers a realistic experience. If you want to find a charming flat chest small ass white skin premium tpe sex doll, here is a shopping guide for you.

The first one is Aimee, she is a 166cm(5ft44) full body size Japanese lovely quality tpe adult sex doll for a loving man, she has small 30B-cup chest and little ass, white skin and unique blue eyes makes she looks more charming, especial with so tiny round tits.

The second one is Miranda, 4ft75 / 145cm life-size youthful sex doll, if you want to try a teen girl, Miranda is your choice, she has a lovely and very young face, long curly blonde hair, small mouth, and little tits, you want to hold her in your arms and want to protect her as much as you can. Right now she is waiting for your close touch and bring her home.

Susan is a 4ft75 / 145cm white skin tpe sex doll who comes from Russia, she is an art student, Although she has a hot curvy body shape, her body looks like a little girl who is not yet fully developed, small breasts, little butts, and thin waist all not belong to a mature women. But she is still attractive that you can’t move your attention from her face.

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This is very much a case of a great site with a very weak theme. The pretense to I Know That Girl is that these are girls you could easily bump into in every day life, in your neighbourhood, at the mall, at a PTA or perhaps even your church. Except that every girl featured at this site are actually established pornstars. In that regard it is pure fail.

What is left if you were to overlook that.

Well, you’re left with fantastic porn scenes with no particular or specific theme, so essentially the site is still very good and it really is very easy to overlook the attempted them because it pretty much ends with the name, it’s not exactly pushed anywhere else and let’s face it, who gives a shit about the site’s name when you’re watching porn.

On top of that you can get a lifetime discount of $7.50 off per month to I Know That Girl which actually includes the entirety of the Mofos network

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